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A team of creatives driven to help share your story with the world. From the first draft of the storyboard to the final edits, we are here to bring your vision to life. 

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The Equipment 

RED 8k Helium Camera 

DJI 4K Mavic Pro Drone

Sony 4k A7S2 and A7S3 Cameras

Freefly Movi Pro 

Zeiss Anamorphic Lenses

Quasar Science Lighting

After Effects

Final Cut Pro 

Green Screen, Black & White Infinity Walls In Studio


What all this means for you?

Unparalleled video quality.


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We are here to help you tell your story and share your mission with the world.

Joey Goone

Joey Goone

Matt Goodman

Matt Goodman

Jordi Stack

Jordi Stack

Roe White

Roe White

The Reel

Past Clients

In my profession, my job is to elevate emotion in order to help organizations meet their fundraising needs. In the events that I conduct, I rely on either a video or first-person testimonial to help set the mood to encourage and elicit passionate giving. In many cases, I am relying on a video team to be able to express the idea and the passion that I want to deliver. 
With that said, the Utopia Video team has always exceeded the expectations of delivering a video that I am able to completely build upon. I am absolutely certain that their professionalism, creativity, and ability to go above and beyond has helped me break records for my organizations. I always look forward to working with Utopia. As a consultant for my organizations, I have 100% confidence to turn any video needs over to them. This takes the pressure off of my clients and the worry from me. 
-Toney Thornhill, Fundraising Specialist

The entire Utopia team of videographers are so professional, talented, and FUN to work with! Working with several different groups of people, some with Down syndrome, at a large event can be challenging but they adapted to our event schedule and client behaviors while creating a plan to bring our vision to life. We wanted to showcase our event in a new and exciting way and they nailed it! I could not be happier with the entire Utopia team.

-Amber McWilliams, Down Syndrome Association

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