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We’re putting it all out there… some of our intellectual capital lives below. Please find some of our insider secrets, tips to filming a great video, and social media statistics that will blow your mind.

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Creating Video 101

 We are an over stimulated society with distractions pulling us in many different directions. That is why it is so incredibly important to have video that is visceral, emotional and captivating, clearly articulating and displaying your WHY for doing what you do.

The chart here displays how our video team creatively thinks about video prior to filming, through the storyboarding process, and long after the video is produced.


Social Media Tips

Social media is changing and evolving constantly. Take a look at these social media statistics. When filming a branding video, marketing video, or commercial, remember your video is only as strong as your outreach plan.

Your outreach plan largely depends on your demographic. We will help you determine which social media platforms are best for you and your organization.


Importance of B-Roll

Watch the two videos here. Which video is more emotionally compelling? Why does it make you feel the way it does?

The importance of b-roll cannot be overstated. B-roll, simply, is supplemental or alternative footage interspersed throughout your video.

Background clips, proper editing and appropriate music all help to increase your chances of an emotional grab.


Be Better By Being Different

By adding visceral imagery and by not revealing the “subject” of the video until the very end, we see an increase in viewer retention. The video suggests the viewer stay engaged by subtly and subliminally teasing (if you will) the viewer’s curiosity throughout the video. It also doesn’t include a talking head suggesting the viewer buy(s) a certain product, like most commercials.

While there’s no direct call to action, our goal was to make it feel sexy! This helps in creating more brand equity and will drive viewers to take action without a direct call to action. Of course, the ultimate goal is to turn viewers into long term brand advocates. Through experiential imagery, you help your clients forge more meaningful connections with your brand. 


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